The Story of REMIX PR

We're often asked how REMIX PR came to be. It wasn't magic, but it was a lot of time & experience compiled into one amazing idea.

Read on below...

REMIX PR was a concept that was formulated in early 2019 that combined staff experience with the idea that digital marketing is the future of public relations. Maximizing the use of social media alongside paid marketing campaigns, general press, and entertainment-style new media, REMIX PR officially opened up shop in March of 2019, initially under a different name. The company wasn't meant to be a full-time venture, and was instead a freelance opportunity that Owner/President Andi Albin leveraged as an employee of Live Nation Entertainment.

Then, at a Nashville bar in May, after seeing New Kids on the Block in concert, the name 'REMIX' came to mind. Playing on the idea that not just entertainers - but influencers, entrepreneurs, realtors and large events - could use advanced marketing techniques paired with entertainment-style leadership- REMIX PR found it's grounding. Less than a week later, Albin signed Danny Wood to her already-established list of clients, and two months later the company became host to over 25 clients, with new clients signing every day. Albin left her position with Live Nation Entertainment in August of 2019, and now manages the company full-time.

REMIX PR is a part of the creative process for its clients. The staff comes from a variety of backgrounds- including digital media, public relations, entertainment management, and even the public sector. Backing everything they do with digital interface and social media, REMIX PR has paved the way for its clients (and even other firms) to offer new and exciting ways to showcase brand endeavors and plan for future growth.

The company isn't just about social media, either. The event professionals at REMIX PR also provide tour planning and management for musicians, authors and speakers. The web experts can develop personalized web design for a variety of needs. The publicity department focuses on positive press opportunities and marketing on both national and international levels. The entertainment department engages with fans through meet & greet opportunities, fan club management, and open space customer service. And production does everything from live events, to YouTube integration, to full-scale film and media production services.

The goal of REMIX PR is to enhance the digital experience for anyone who needs a boost. We want to provide you with the expertise you need- and we focus on what's important: the fans, the clients, and those who believe in what you're doing to succeed. We also give you back something that is important, which is the gift of time.

For more information on what we do and what we offer, we encourage you to click here to visit the most up-to-date information on everything REMIX PR.

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