REMIX PR Expands Its Entertainment Department

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

REMIX PR is expanding yet again; and this time, it's to continue serving the entertainment industry in new and exciting ways.

After all, our clients have chosen us for one reason: we are a different kind of PR firm.

REMIX PR works with all facets of the entertainment industry; from filmmakers and production companies, to live event groups, to musicians, actors and other entertainers. We have recently partnered with several management firms in Los Angeles, as well as our continuing partnership with Live Nation Entertainment and several of its artists.

In the last month, we have also had the pleasure of signing actor Vernon G. Wells and up and coming musician Hersey to our growing roster. This is in addition to New Kids on the Block member Danny Wood, who has been with us for several months.

Why does the entertainment industry love REMIX PR?

REMIX PR is more than just public relations. While we serve as a 'talking head' for our clients in the traditional sense, we specialize in digital- including social media management, web design/SEO, endorsements & sponsorships, fan interaction and fan club management, as well as other entertainment industry-specific services.

For more information on our services, click here.

Stay tuned as we make additional announcements in the near future. After all, REMIX PR is here to make the noise.

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