Why Hire REMIX PR for your Fan Club Experience

Did you know that professionals with REMIX PR have been managing fan clubs and online fan experiences for over ten years?

Fan clubs and membership programs for musicians, actors and other organizations may seem to be a thing of the past. However, with new technology, it's becoming the way of the future.

It's important to stay connected with your fans- and offering them an incentive for supporting your creativity is the way to go. However, if your fan club isn't properly managed, it can cause not only your band and fan club members preventable headaches, but also ruin your reputation in the industry.

Here are five reasons to hire REMIX PR as your fan club management support:

1. Ease of Information

REMIX PR keeps your fan club information at our fingertips, and can provide numbers, analysis and details to you 24/7/365. We keep an active database and even have customer support readily available for your members- no more waiting for weeks on end to receive a generic email from a foreign representative. Clients will also have access to an online portal detailing their financials, their membership count, and more.

2. We Handle the Emails

No more having to waste time answering emails from angry or concerned fans, answering questions over and over again, or even putting together content for monthly newsletters- we ARE your monthly database solution. We organize and utilize email campaigns for the sake of your fans- and keep them informed and feeling important through our experienced staffing.

3. You Will Make Money

We can all agree that fan clubs are FOR the fans, but it should also be an additional income stream for the artists. After expenses, wouldn't it be nice to make additional money to put toward other promotional expenses? REMIX PR will help you set a merchandising and advertising budget, and give you the ability to make some extra cash. With our low fees, we make sure you get the most out of your fan club profits.

4. We Make It Fun

We do what others don't- REMIX PR remembers member birthdays, provides the correct information when it's needed, comes up with exclusive ideas for members, and keeps the fun coming all year long. We want your fans to feel more connected to you through your membership services.

5. We Know Our S&%$!

The professionals at REMIX PR have been doing this a long time- and we know exactly what we're doing. We want you to worry about memorizing scripts and putting together memorable songs- while we take the guessing game out of your fan's experience. We put your fans first so that you can give them what they REALLY want- more of yourself.

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